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ACLM Basic & Practical Law Intensive and Expert Witness Programs

The ACLM Basic Law and Practical Law programs are presented in a two day format. The Expert Witness Program is normally completed in one day but where there are more than eighteen attending, this course is run over two days.This gives all those attending a chance to present their report and be lead and cross examined in the Moot Court.

These programs have been developed over a number of years aided by pilot programs and have attracted a very favourable reception from attendees, with feedback from non-ACLM participants being particularly useful.

The aim of the Basic Law Intensive is to provide a very intensive insight into the structure and content of the core undergraduate subjects taught to law students, it is considered particularly important that ALL ACLM Members, Associates & Affiliates who do not have law qualifications attend such a program to support our main claim to be a body of members who have greater insight into the law than do other members of the medical profession, and also to provide a basis for participation in the ACLM Practical Law Intensive program.

Both of the law programs are a requisite for all ACLFM Members, who are from a non legal background and would like to move forward to Fellowship.

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