• PO Box 250, Corinda QLD 4075


Application Process

Once completed, return your forms along with all required attachments to the Administrative Officer via email to aclm9@legalmedicine.com.au or by post to PO Box 250, Corinda QLD 4075 accompanied by the application fee. Alternatively, if you wish to pay online using credit card, an invoice can be sent to you once your forms are received.

Once received, all applications are forwarded to the Censor-in-Chief for review. For Member/Fellow applications – a recommendation is put to Council at the next Council Meeting (held quarterly at the start of February, May, August, and November). For Associate/Affiliate applications – a response can be expected within 4-6 weeks. 

Application Fees

  • $330 for Member/Fellow applicants
  • $220 for Associate applicants
  • $110 for Affiliate applicants
  • $110 for Associate members applying for promotion to either Membership or Fellowship status

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