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The Australasian College of Legal Medicine currently conducts four short courses, normally over the calendar year. These are the Basic Law Intensive (BLI), the Advanced Law Intensive (ALI), the Expert Witness Course, and the recently introduced Cause of Death Workshop.

The BLI and the ALI are each run over two days, usually weekends. Both these courses derive their content from the principles that underpin the area of law known as medical or health law. Medical law is concerned with the relationships between health professional and patient, health professional and health facility, health facility and patient, and the organisation of health care. The courses however examine the legal issues from the point of view of the doctor or dentist practising clinical medicine or dentistry, and not specifically from the legal practitioner’s perspective. As such, the focus is on clinicians understanding the increasingly complex legal framework within which they work, and not with the legal practice issues such as bringing on or defending a cause of action.

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