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Advanced Law Intensive


Advanced Law Intensive

Date TBC, November 2018 – Melbourne, VIC

Course Overview

The ALI examines consent to medical treatment (adults, children) and clinical negligence more closely, particularly in relation to the various Civil Liability Acts or equivalents. Day one concludes with an examination of trespass (lack of consent) and negligence in the context of the criminal law. Day two discusses the issues surrounding patient safety and open disclosure. The day concludes with looking at the regulation of health professionals.

The ALI is therefore designed to provide a more in depth understanding of the three general areas the law can personally affect a clinician in practice; the civil law, criminal law and disciplinary law. Case scenarios relevant to the topics will also be discussed in small groups.


Teaching Faculty

  • Dr Don Buchanan
    Forensic Physician and Legal Practitioner, ACLM Council Member
  • Professor Roy Beran
    Consultant Neurologist and Lawyer, ACLM Council Member
  • Professor John Devereux
    Professor of Law, TC Beirne School of Law, The University of Queensland

Please email aclm9@legalmedicine.com.au to express your interest in future dates.

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